Sunday, March 17, 2013

Only Three days for ending the Voting

Well, there are only 3 days remaining to the Voting ends. So far the stadistics said we have received almost 500 votes, and i want to say thank you for that. There's so much effort in this Project and Of course the winner will receive amazing prizes. And the most voted will receive 50 Stardollars. I haven't check the results so far, because i want it to be surprise for everyone. Okay !! Keep voting and invite other to Vote for you. Because we're ready to start a party !! The celebration will be big. And of course, i want to give you all the thanks for voting and nomining.  

xoxoxoxox !!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Time to Vote for your Favorites

Let's meet the Official Nominees

Hello Everybody, so today was the Last Day of Nomining your Favorites as you can see, and it was supossed to close today at Night, but I cant because i won't be working Today until Late Maybe. So if you nominated anyone, you will receive one little Gift from me because you took time for Nominate your Favorites. I only nominate two things, because for Being part of STCA The categories needed to be three at least, i nominated in Worst Stardoll Blog and Best Stardoll Contest wich are just another Contest//Blog that i choosed by seing my Dashboard. So here are the Nominees:

-Best Graphic Artist:
-LoveGossip4Life (Lindsey)
-Cute.Miss.Lola (Emma)
-K.A.T.I.E. (Migonetta)
-Martusia_144 (Kasey)
-Hollyoaksrocks* (Khol)
 -sary.babyfayce (Luisa)
-Best Stardoll Blog
-Stardoll Appearance (by LoveGossip4Life)
-The Stardoll Blossom (by Mathildamath)
-The Graphic Vault (by Missceaaria)
-Underneath STardoll (by M_Themis)
-Today's Top Trends 
-Worst Stardoll Blog
-Jelinna Our God
-Underneath Stardoll
-Vogue Daily
-Best Stardoll Blog Writer
-Cooldeer123 (Tania)
-xxlovexx (Kimberly Dean)
-Ashley_doggett  (Ashley)
-LoveGossip4LIfe (Lindsey)
-Best Contest:
-Rafael's Next Top Model (by Rafi101)
-Stardoll Next Top Graphic Designer (by xxlovexx)
-Manda's Model Mission (by MandaMichalka)
-Most Beautiful Female Medoll
-cooldeer123 (Tania)
-MssUnitedStates (Mary Ann)
-Sara.babyfayce (Luisa)
-xxlovexx (Kimberly Dean)
-MandaMichalka (Manda)
-Hollyoaksrocks* (Khol)
-Most Handsome Male Medoll
-Rafi101 (Rafael)
-Kajetan. (Kajetan)
-paria10 (Reza)
-Biggest Friendship
Queendetox (Jack) & Hollyokasrocks* (Khol)
okianda (Lisa), MisaStylee (Annika) & tram888 (Lisa)
-Connect3 (Holmes) & Kazmir13 (Patrycja)
 -Diedunklemaid (Isa) & Sasha.Star (Bren)
-Best Stardoll Rivalry
-Hollyoaksrocks* (Khol) & Linda (Elite-girl)
-Cristina (Jelinna) & Dollywood
-Hollyoaksrocks* (Khol) & Sparklewand12 (Kirsten)
-Best Model
-Kaja (kadet12) 
-Khol (Hollyoaksrocks*)
-Kazmir13 (Patrycja)
-...SingStar... (Mila)
-Cooldeer123 (Tania)
-Mathildamath (Catherine)
-MandaMichalka (Manda)
-Best Magazine
-Monster (by Wooldoor)
-Trendy (by Pau.Cam.Arena)
-Allure (by Coolder123)
-Teen Vogue (by Hollyoaksrocks*)
-Miss Magazine (by CheekyCazbo1)
-HAUTE (By LoveGossip4Life)
-Posh (by Chace Clark)
-Miss Magazine (by CheekyCazbo1)
-Best Fashion Line
-Spice Couture (By rafi101)
-Elle (by Conectt3)
-Dioguardi (by M_Themis)
-Victory & Klaus (by LadyGagaMcQueen)
-Best Moment
-Kirsten & Khol's fight that ended up in Khol owning teen vogue
-When Khol (Hollyoaksrocks*) won SNTGD.
-Intro to Stardoll Academy
-When Nicole is reveled as Chloe
-Aspire-To-Be Medoll
Jelinna (Cristina)
-Laia_fergusson (luis)
-Martusia_144 (Kasey)
-Medoll of the Year
-LoveGossip4Life (Lindsey)
-Doggy_Starpuppy (Julie)
-Jelinna (Cristina)
-Mathildamath (Catherine)
-Martusia_144 (Kasey)